Diamond Emerald Necklace....18 kt Whitegold....bright green Emeraldcolor

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Estimated value approx. 2,990 euros ...real emeralds are fun....here is a necklace with an... mehr
"Diamond Emerald Necklace....18 kt Whitegold....bright green Emeraldcolor"
Estimated value approx. 2,990 euros
...real emeralds are fun....here is a necklace with an emerald and diamonds in the halo style, a fine emerald with an individual weight of 0.52 ct in an intensive AAA+ color quality, not very natural. Signs of growth, full-cut diamonds total approx. 0.19 ct, TW (fine white F) / VS (very small inclusions), dimensions of the middle part approx. 10 x 9 x 5 mm, muggle-bound on the back, weighs approx. 3 grams, with a fine chain in 750 white gold, approx. 46 cm long, with lobster clasp, each buyer will receive an invoice with a detailed description and stated VAT, all information was checked by a jewelery appraiser for authenticity and.      quality information, a timeless piece of jewelery made in a traditional goldsmith's factory in Valenza/Italy
About the emerald: The name has its origins in the Greek "Smaragdos" meaning nothing more than green stone, a gemstone that is considered the most important in the beryl group. The emerald gets its luminosity, also known as green fire, from the trace elements chrome vanadium and iron, which, depending on their composition, show special green variants such as the top colors Vivid green (an intense medium dark green according to GIA, for us the typical emerald green that is not too dark and must not be too bright) A pleochroism can be seen in the emerald when it shows different color nuances from different viewing directions, which can be more or less pronounced. The typical liquid inclusions (Jardins French gardens) show almost all emeralds, inclusions and fine cracks belong As a rule with emeralds, of course this shouldn't be too severe, perfectly eye-clean emeralds are absolutely rare. Emerald mining areas are: Colombia, Brazil, Africa, Australia, China, India and the Urals. Emerald mine Muzo and Chivot are known for the vividness of color and clear inclusions, most of the top stones come from there
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