Chilango Bracelet..What a Highlight..Multicolor Gems

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a "Sparkling Stars" bracelet with different colored gemstones combined, White Quartz; Whiskey... mehr
"Chilango Bracelet..What a Highlight..Multicolor Gems"
a "Sparkling Stars" bracelet with different colored gemstones combined, White Quartz; Whiskey Lemin Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Sky Topaz, from the precious forge Chilango, high-quality workmanship, 925 silver, approx. 17 mm wide and 19 cm long, with orig. Case, new and unworn, approx. 18.3 cm long, heart pendant with Chilango signature, lobster clasp, can be lengthened, pink gold plated, a highlight from Chilango

The XXLuxury pieces of jewelery made of hand-forged 925 sterling silver are extroverted, concise and a striking fashion statement for every occasion. Each unique Chilango is the luxurious highlight of a 
perfect appearance. The desirability is supported by the selective global distribution of the label
exclusively through the premium trade. About Chilango: Each piece is handmade from 925 sterling silver. The jewelry label Chilango, which has existed since 2003, combines the things that women want in a
piece of jewelry - they are emotionally charged and creative. The Chilango designs are not only eye-catching because of
their oversize size, but also don't rely on restraint in any other way. The Düsseldorf-born designer Mara Zillgens reliably succeeds in finding a compromise between loud and quiet. Chilango works exclusively with the finest materials, made in Germany. Handmade in jeweller's quality. Gemstones are sophisticated in cut and quality. No commercial grades from India or China. Individually cut gemstones from
Bangkok. Pieces for a lifetime.
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