About me

My Name is Jasmin Jung and I ´m spezialized on gems and pearls, made my education in Germany /Idar Oberstein.

In 1990 I successfully completed my training as a diamond and gemstone appraiser in Idar-Oberstein at the German Gemmological Society E.V. and since then I have managed the catalog processing for the jewelery departments of several auction houses in Munich, i.e. I have valued, photographed and sold countless pieces of jewelery (approx. 10,000 pieces a year). . There's nothing I haven't seen yet, from thousands of celebrity necklaces to soulless commercial necklaces. My valuation area includes gemstones, brilliants and pearls. I am also happy to prepare jewelery reports or catalog texts for jewelery catalogs on behalf of others. When it comes to jewelry appraisals, I value a neutral expert text. In contrast to my sales texts, sometimes my horse runs away - with enthusiasm, of course !!

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